The Vision of Diaspora Civică Berlin

Diaspora Civică Berlin is contributing to a society in which its citizens are civically and politically engaged, in order to support long-term development in Romania, Germany, as well as at an international/global level. Through a network of involved and active citizens, we’re working towards strengthening European and global cooperation – in a pro-democratic sense, focused on climate and social justice – for a long-term positive impact on the whole world.

The Mission of Diaspora Civică Berlin

The mission of the Diaspora Civică Berlin (DCB) is supporting the Romanian community in Berlin. We want its members to become active citizens that can organize themselves, know and exercise their rights and responsibilities in the society/societies they live in.

Externally, Diaspora Civică Berlin is the voice of the needs and wishes of the community, through the projects we develop together.

Our activities are varied / from physical events to online and offline information campaigns, partnerships with other organizations, educational workshops, cultural events, etc. One project can incorporate a variety of activities.

A part of our activities is positioning ourselves on various topics of interest for our target audiences and that are of interest to our organization and members. We also take part in public debates with the Romanian and German authorities, facilitating the dialogue between the Romanian community and public institutions.

Because the community is at the base of our activities, we also regularly organize social events, in order to keep personal contact with our supporters and partners.

The topics of our projects and activities are decided by the Diaspora Civică Berlin team, in alignment with our mission, vision, and values.

The Values of Diaspora Civică Berlin


At the core of DCB lies collegiality, based on a reciprocated appreciation, respect, and desire to move forward through collaboration. We understand that we can only grow and develop ourselves and the organization together, as a team.


In DCB we say what we think, we do what we say and we take responsibility for our actions. We are honest with each other and in the interactions with the people we come in contact with. DCB is not a place that promotes individual and opportunistic interests.


In DCB we are honest with each other and we find solutions together for the challenges that might arise. We talk to each other, no matter how sensitive the topic is, with the wish to solve any issues or challenges arising along the way. Our activities and working ethics also promote transparency for those who are interested to participate or find out more about us.


In DCB we trust one another to fulfill the planned tasks and responsibilities that each one of us has taken upon herself. When we lack the time or resources to do so, we communicate it to the rest of the members and find a solution together. At the same time, we take responsibility for the content of our projects and events, and for the way we collaborate and communicate with our partners and supporters. Last but not least, we feel responsible at a social level, this being the foundation of our civic engagement.


In DCB we show solidarity towards others, we help and support each other within the team, but also on a personal level. We understand and accept that not every member has the time and capacity to always get involved, and that sometimes we all need some time off. In a wider sense, solidarity also manifests in relation to other Romanians living abroad, for which and with whom we organize meetings, events and projects.